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I found the course too difficult
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I didn't find the course materials interesting
The pace/workload was too great
I needed more contact with tutors
I didn't have the study skills/background knowledge required
I didn't have the required motivation
I didn't have the cofidence to carry on
I decided to take another course elsewhere
I underestimated the study time required
Lack of time for study due to:
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General/work pressure
Increased pressures at home
Increased pressures at work
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Personal Illness
No quiet place to study
Problems with access to a computer
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Job related/promotion
Personal development
Job related/promotion and personal development
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Yes, I plan to continue. Please reschedule me for the next start date
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No, I have given up my studies at Iowa for good
Administrative Withdrawal (Staff Use Only - NOT FOR STUDENTS)
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On your withdraw form, you verified your intent to re-enroll with Iowa Central. Students who plan on returning their next available start date are required to provide written confirmation of that intent by the Department of Education. This written confirmation must be provided at the time of withdraw.
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By signing below, you are indicating your intention to continue on. If you are not returning to the next start date following your current classes, please contact Krystal Crandall (515-574-1095) or Kathy Lawler (515-574-1092) in the Financial Aid office to determine how this will affect your aid. Depending on your return date, a Return of Title IV funds may be processed on your account which could result in a balance due.